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FREE EDUCATION is on our doorstep. It thus more important than ever for the youth to be exposed to African career paths and be assisted to make informed decisions on a suitable path to follow. A suitable vocation may more often than not lead to better employability and financial success as compared to an unsuitable university degree. Traditional “Google searches” do not make provision for uniquely African career options and paths. Advice thus needs to be “decolonialised” and structured practically by using African language and context in a nonlinear fashion to simulate the interactions with a real career counsellor. Career paths and options are as diverse as our country. With the lack of formal career counselling and advice in our country it is the mission of Project Imfundo to leverage technology to remove the barriers of career guidance.



The Platform




Why a career advisor chatbot?

The true innovation of Project Imfundo lies in its "career chat-bot". The chatbot uses artificial intelligence techniques to interact with the user in his or her home language by using familiar terminology in a nonlinear fashion as if talking to a “Real” person. The chatbot makes use of NLP technologies to perform tasks that include; sentiment analysis, named entity recognition and key phrase extraction on your text or voice. This bundled with neural networks and deep learning methods ensures that the chatbot is constantly learning from all users to better understand and interact with the users of the system. Backup up by a huge distributed NoSQL database ensures that the chatbot can quickly and effectively store and access data from all users that have ever talked to it. This creates a centralised data-point for the bot to share knowledge with all users from experiences observed since the creation of the bot. Running on a cloud based service ensures that the bot could potentially be expanded to all devices and recreated for other closed domain services.

Tech Demo:

Beta version currently being updated. Check back soon. 




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